Whether you’re buying, selling or refinancing your home, Covenant Escrow Services is here to meet your needs. Closing can be a stressful process, and having an experienced real estate lawyer can be very beneficial. Our colleagues are detail-minded professionals, to give our clients peace of mind during the entire closing process.

Selecting a Closing Company

You’ve found the perfect home, agreed upon the terms and been approved for a loan. Now it’s time to choose a closing company. Most lenders and real estate agents will ask if you have a preference for a particular company. Once Covenant Escrow Services is selected and we receive a title request, acknowledgement letters are mailed to the client, agent, lender and the other parties’ agent to introduce Covenant Escrow Services as the closing company.

Real Estate Closings

Here are some of the processes and details we handle for our clients:

  • Conduct a title search and examination.
  • Ensure the terms both parties have agreed upon are fulfilled.
  • Our attorneys review the title abstract and issue a title opinion that determines if the property is suitable for title insurance.
  • Order payoffs of mortgages and liens, collect taxes and assessments, and seek out and obtain releases of prior liens.
  • Conduct a smooth, prompt and professional closing.
  • Explain closing documents and answer questions related to the closing.
  • Serve as escrow and disbursing agent for all funds and distribute funds at closing.
  • Issue title insurance policies − ensuring a title that is "free and clear" at your closing.

There are many benefits to having Covenant Escrow as your partner during the buying process:

  • We prepare the contract.
  • We hold escrow deposits.
  • We provide title insurance for the buyer.
  • We coordinate the closing with buyers, sellers, realtors, mortgage brokers and lenders.
  • We prepare closing documents.
  • We notarize your documents.
  • We record all documents.
  • And we answer all your questions throughout the process.

If you are selling a home, Covenant Escrow Services can help ease the process. Many times, homeowners are buying a new home while selling – and it can feel like an arduous process.

  • We ensure the sellers’ terms are met and money is received.
  • We work with all parties to make a smooth transaction.
  • We make sure any liens on the property are paid off and released.
  • We anticipate any potential problem areas and resolve them expeditiously.


If you decide to refinance your home, Covenant Escrow Services can assist you through the process. We work with the lender to make sure each closing goes smoothly. Lenders often require a new title insurance policy when refinancing a home, and we often can offer a discount on this policy.

REALTOR Services

As an agent, you work hard to find your clients the home of their dreams, and the closing is an eagerly anticipated experience. We know the importance of a smooth and efficient closing for all involved parties. We work diligently to ensure the closing process is a positive experience for everyone.

Lender Services

We work with many lenders in the Mid-South. Every closing is important to us, and every client receives personalized attention. Our attorneys are licensed in Tennessee and Mississippi and offer a full range of services in those states. We are agents of Fidelity National Title Insurance Company.

Title Searches

We will conduct a search of public records to determine who owns the property, who has liens on it and if there are restrictions on how the property can be used by the owner. We will keep clients informed about the title search, notify them of any problems or potential delays with the closing or refinancing and keep the process on track.